Didymos Baby Wrap Sling Lisca Northern Light
Didymos Baby Wrap Sling Lisca Northern Light
Didymos Baby Wrap Sling Lisca Northern Light

Didymos Baby Wrap Sling Lisca Northern Light

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Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Surface weight: 260 g/m²

Colour: Natural, Light, Middle and Dark Blue, Pink, White

Washable: Up to 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Slow Spin Speed 

Age of child: From Birth

Different Edges: Yes

Different wrap edges: The long sides of the wrap vary in order to facilitate orientation for wrapping . They differ either in the colour or in the pattern. This makes it easy to distinguish the upper edge from the lower edge and facilitates tightening the individual fabric bands. 

Like the dazzling Northern Lights illuminate the northern night skies, the gorgeous colour arrangement of the cotton yarns illuminates the pattern of this beautiful Lisca model. On a cotton warp displaying all hues of blue from light to dark blended with natural white and pink, the raw white weft yarns set their highlight to this captivating colour combination.

Soft and pliable from the beginning, with an elegant drape, our Didymos herringbone pattern yet has subtly structured surface that is ideal to hold knots firmly in place without impeding the passes from gliding across one another smoothly.

Though a more heavy weight fabric, it is incredibly soft, supportive and suitable to carry babies of all ages and stages, it wraps wonderfully with a small child yet a toddler will find a secure and comfortable place in it as well.

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