Auction sale

Good day everyone!We are trying out this bidding programme for our sample wraps and Pre-loved wraps/carriers.If you see anything you like, you can bid your price on the particular post in the comment.Opens WORLDWIDE, for international, if you win the bidding, you might need to bear the shipping cost.Bidding is open via Instagram only. We might open bidding on our Facebook page with demand.S$3 UP EVERY BID.BIDDING ENDS ON 23RD JUNE 2020, SGT 2359hr.Please help to like and share the post to get more people to join in the bidding. Head over to our Instagram now @wearweavelove  #biddingwar #bidyourprice #bid...

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Mom's Tribe by LAB and WWL

Momstribe News

Mom's Tribe by LAB and WWL

Do you have burning questions on Birth, Breastfeeding and Babywearing?

Are you anxious and have lots of worries?

Do you feel lonely during your pregnancy/motherhood?

Are you feeling sad/depressed most of the time during pregnancy or motherhood?

Would you like to hear experiences from fellow moms?

Join us to let your questions answered and opinions heard! 

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