Rent Weave Love

This is a rental service
Not all wraps are available for purchases

This rental service is specially dedicated to parents who are new to babywearing and wants to get familiar with wrapping and using ring sling or experienced babywearer who would love to try other brands and blends.
Terms & Conditions:
Upon returning the carrier, your deposit will be refunded via paypal or bank transfer; In any case there are stains, pull thread or damage to the carrier, your deposit will not be returned.
The carrier will be sent to you once the fee is received.
IMPORTANT: Please drop me a message at +6590689902 upon placing an order (to maintain a 2-way communication)
The cost of sending it back to me will be at your own expense.
In any case, you failed to return the rented carriers within the stipulated time, additional charges apply, according to the number of days extended.
Please treat the rented carriers with care so that it can continue to be loved by other babywearers.  Please refrain from washing upon receiving or returning the wraps and carrier, as, pre and post wash will be done by us.
Rental is only for Singapore Residents.
"Wear Weave Love would also like to extend our gratitude to Nur Azlin, for renting out her wrap."